How Much is Your Time Worth?

atlanta maid serviceHiring a maid can feel like an extravagance. After all, cleaning your own home isn’t something you can’t do yourself. But should you?

What is your time worth?

Ask yourself: How much is my time worth? What about when I’m tired? Or when I’m taking time away from something I want to be doing, like playing with my kids? The value of your time is more than a simple calculation on how much you make per hour. Time-cost is real: The time you spend NOT doing things you want to be doing is worth more than time you spend doing chores or work!

AllyMaids has had dozens of customers tell us they wish they had hired a cleaning service years ago. Think about it this way…in a few years, will you look back and calculate the nominal amount of money you’ve spent to keep your house clean, or will you look back on the memories you made with your family or the stress you’ve kept at bay?

Would a maid make you happier?

A new study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that people who spend money on services that make their life easier are actually happier in the long-term. The kinds of things that were “worth” paying money for, according to the study? Eating out, running errands, and yes, hiring a maid.

At AllyMaids, our business is making your life less stressful. We offer affordable maid services in Atlanta for single people, workaholics, busy families, renters, and more. Our services are designed specifically to take things off your plate. Why clean when you can hire our experts to do it for you? We’re a locally-owned and operated business that has been producing satisfied customers for over 20 years. Take a cue from some of Atlanta’s biggest corporate housing providers and hire AllyMaids today.

Ready to get back some of your valuable time? Stop cleaning your house yourself.
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