Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: Are They Worth It?

Busy lifestyles lend themselves to making tough cleaning decisions, but every hour cleaning the house is an hour deducted from your personal leisure time. Vacuuming a home only to watch it get dirty again feels like shoveling sand against the tide. The shear futility of giving up a walk in the park on a pleasant afternoon to clean leads many in the Atlanta area to consider either buying a robotic vacuum or hiring a cleaning service. That decision means understanding whether or not these self-running devices can really get the job done to your satisfaction versus hiring a cleaning team.

Some of the pros and cons of robotic vacuum cleaners include:Robot Vac vs. Maid Service

              Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Pros

Convenience: The basic idea of allowing a vacuum to handle the floors on its own is the primary reason people buy robotic vacuums. Simply put, after some preparation you can be doing other things while it works. That’s a win in terms of freeing up leisure time.

Adjusts to Varying Surfaces: The latest robotic vacuum cleaners have options that allow them to run from a hardwood floor right across a rug and not miss a beat. Many even get reasonably close to walls and corners.

              Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cons

Pre-Robot Preparation: These electronic devices are marketed as super easy to use. Just push a button and off it goes, so to speak. That isn’t really the full picture. Robotic vacuums often require you to pick up an area in advance so that items like paper clips, hair pins and elastics don’t clog it up. Another hassle is blocking off areas that are on different levels. A robotic vacuum will tumble down stairs if an area isn’t secured in advance. In many ways, planning for an “easy” robotic vacuum session is like securing your home for a toddler.
Not Completely Thorough: Although these devices are reasonably good at reaching corners and tight spaces, by design they cannot clean 100 percent of your home space. You will be required to follow up in certain areas.

Furniture Doesn’t Move Itself: Robotic vacuums work by bumping into objects and changing direction. They won’t move chairs and furniture footings to fully clean an area. Nor will they vacuum under couches and other low furnishings.

Less Suction: Unlike a standard, upright vacuum cleaner, robotic models generally suffer suction deficiencies. It stands to reason that they could not maneuver under their own power if they enjoyed the sucking force of a residential or commercial vacuum. That means they simply cannot deliver the same deep clean of a higher-powered model.
Damaged Furniture and Walls: Anyone who has hit the baseboard in your home with a vacuum understands that dents, dings and paint chipping will occur. Robotic vacuums may not have the same thrust force as your arm, but they grind and damage baseboards, chair legs and other furniture.

Robotic Vacuums are Expensive: Despite the mass production of these mostly-plastic products, they remain costly. When they break down and require maintenance you will likely need to invest in an extended warranty plan on top of the retail price and sales tax.

Vacuuming Solutions: Hire a Maid Service

If you are determined to enjoy more leisure time, hiring a professional maid service makes more sense than buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. Employing real people who can do a thorough job of lifting furniture while cleaning tight corners ensures your home is not damaged during the process. Hiring a professional Atlanta maid service is the only way for you to receive a clean home while saving time for other activities.

If you are interested in hiring one of Atlanta’s most certified and trusted maid services, contact AllyMaids. In addition to vacuuming and cleaning your floors, you will receive a professionally-cleaned home and save your own time in the process. Call 404-841-7040 to get started!

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